about us

ZM Electromechanics is a leading manufacturer of automation, engineering, manufacturing and installation, primarily in the automotive, food, textile and construction sectors. Service. Special machinery manufacturing, manufacturing of machinery and facilities, automation projects, ZM Electromechanical customers by designing system revisions according to their needs and production It realizes. With our experienced engineer team and high-quality engineering services, we are able to We are the solution partner for our customers from start to production, installation and turnkey delivery.

Our vision ; – Kalite, doğruluk ve istikrar sağlamak – Dengeli ve kararlı büyümek. – Sektöründe örnek frma olmak. – Çalışanların çalışmaktan gurur ve mutluluk duyduğu bir frma olmak.

Our basic principles are;

Do not compromise on quality * To establish a culture of work safety and to make this culture work policy * To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level * To fulfill responsibilities on time and completely In line with these principles;


All ZM ELETRONIC staff, trainees, occupational health and safety issues with the training programs to gain knowledge, skills, competencies To increase the awareness of the individual, to ensure that all legal and legislative measures that are appropriate for our business health and safety risks Does not strive to do better than the legislative requirements by following the standards. All of the work environment Assessing risks, reducing prioritization to an acceptable level of risk so that injuries and health problems Prevention and prevention of occupational health and safety, which are the cornerstones of sustainability. We are committed to improving our performance by continuously improving our processes. Our company is proud to take Worker Health and Safety at the forefront of all its activities. ZM ELECTRONICS MANAGEMENT believes that all accidents are preventable and that this goal is based on continuous self-development and Thanks to the “Zero Accident Policies” it is aware that it can be reached. While all of our employees are engaged in their own activities, worker health and work safety To comply with their requirements, to protect the environment, property and property. This expectation is that all employees in ZM ELECTROTIC PROJECTS . Occupational health and safety policy Our basic policy is to work in accordance with national and international legislation and regulations. our company We take pride in the fact that worker health and work safety are considered as a priority in all activities. ZM Electromechanical management, All the accidents are preventable. This goal will be achieved through continuous self-development and “Zero Accident Policy” consciousness is. Sensitivity to the environment and the workplace to ensure that all employees comply with safety measures in the business environment adopted.